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Био зеленчуци Варна - Доматената къща

  •   - The doors of the Tomato House are open year-round for visits from individual tourists, small groups of 5-10 people, children groups of up to 30 people, and students. We do not offer accommodation.
  •   - We will show you our gardens, the techniques of growing and care for the bio vegetables, grown outdoors based on the season and region of Bulgaria.
  •   - Together, we will prepare our famous lyutenitsa, based on a traditional Bulgarian recipe.
  •   - You can enjoy the beautiful nature for hours on end, finding peace and comfort in the homey atmosphere of a village home.
  •   - You’ll have the unique opportunity to pick your own fruit.
  •   - The price for a 3-hour stay is 7.50 Euro per person. It includes a small treat. Children’s tickets are half price. Contact: +359885610567 - Georgi